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Imagine a life where limitations dissolve under the power of AI-enhanced neuro-hypnotics and timeless insights. EpicLife.ai offers more than change; we offer a seismic shift in your very being.


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Training Experiences /

Epic adventures in learning! Helping you to elevate every aspect of your business and your life - fast!

One on One Guidance

Personalized guidance and mentorship plus additional AI guidance at any hour of the day!  Helping you to live your very best life now!

Cutting-Edge Tools for Transformation

Advanced Neuro Hypnotics, AI and Epic Wisdom combine assisting you in sculpting the world in the likeness of your dreams!

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Success Stories from EpicLife.ai

Meet the visionaries who have transcended the ordinary. Their extraordinary tales are a testament to the life-altering power of EpicLife.ai.

Faye Lao

"This course is awesome! It Changes MY life! I can't wait for Level 2! On a family level, it helped me help my sister who is going through very rough patches. Created a sleep induction, self-healing induction, and will give her more on positive dreams with our mom who has recently passed on. Fantastic Thank you!"

Linda Bassist

"This is Amazing! Chris is the only one to combine Ai training with his phenomenal Neuro-hypnotic Transformation approaches uniquely developed by him over 25 years! The technical Ai is skeletal,,not full bodied, without Chris' prompt optimization. Chris' Ai course is applicable to everything from personal growth and self-actualization to coaching and training, as well as business and finance. And, last but not least for creativity! I love it!"

Alyson Williams

"I'm LOVING THIS!! !I've started using the first 2 sessions. These processes are TOTALLY life-changing regardless of the client's issue or the client's limitations. THANK YOU CHRIS!!!"

Helene Kemp

"I am really looking forward to level 2! Level 1 has been full of fabulous wisdom and really valuable and practical transformation tools you can start using immediately. Thank you soooo much Chris!"

Janet Gray

"I loved this course - it’s great to be in the driver’s seat in such a strong way for personal transformation and the creativity involved in what was presented was really impressive…. ! Thanks for the great information - I truly think it will be life-changing!"

At EpicLife.ai, we don't just change lives; we revolutionize them. Imagine a world where your greatest ambitions aren't just possibilities, but certainties. Here, we blend groundbreaking neuro-hypnotics,A.I., live events, personal guidance, and evolving virtual realities to create a seismic shift in human development and consciousness.

Our philosophy?

Instant, profound change. We reach the deepest layers of your psyche, offering a complete overhaul of traditional personal development techniques. It's not just about growth; it's about transcendence.


Guidance from World-Class Pioneers

Our team, led by Chris Howard, is a blend of innovators in AI, neuro-hypnotics, and transformation, will guide you through every step of your metamorphosis.

Join us on this transformative journey and become part of a movement that's redefining personal development.

With EpicLife.ai, your journey towards extraordinary living and profound growth begins NOW.

Embrace the future of self-empowerment and watch as your life transforms into the epic story you were meant to live.

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